Mission & Vision

Afro Brazil Arts is a non-profit youth development organization that inspires wellness, leadership, and community through capoeira, a Brazilian self-defense and dance. Since 1991, ABA has touched the lives of over one million youth through performances and classes featuring Brazilian dance, music, and capoeira in schools and community centers throughout the US and Brazil. ABA has earned a stellar reputation in schools and operates a Capoeira Academy where people of diverse ages and abilities practice capoeira together.

Our teaching artists teach the playful aspects of capoeira as a way to involve students in learning and exploring new things, and to teach morals and values that extend beyond the class.

Our teachers have been successful in maintaining among the pupils of all ages a high degree of focus on what the teacher is doing, discipline in avoiding distractions and interfering with other students, and respect for the teacher and fellow students.

We have also achieved remarkable success in teaching youth what seem like difficult physical maneuvers e.g. doing a cartwheel, as well as social skills like speaking in front of a group. These achievements contribute effectively to self-confidence and a willingness to try something that looks too difficult. In every class, our students experience achievement where in the past, they may have given up.   

Afro Brazil Arts classes create a supportive community where the classroom is a safe space to make mistakes while learning. Teaching artists and students practice leadership skills in pairs, and with their classmates.

Afro Brazil Arts's Story